Behind the Vertex Name & Logo

Meaning Behind the Name Vertex Tactical



The word "Vertex" means the highest point of something; apex, summit, top. Vertex Tactical is dedicated to helping organizations and private citizens elevate their preparedness for crisis to that highest point.


Being Tactically sound is not a skill reserved exclusively for military and law enforcement personnel. Organizations and private citizens can effectively utilize Tactical stability by being situationally aware, recognizing the warning signs that lead to crisis and taking steps necessary to mitigate that situation.


Meaning Behind the Vertex Logologo meaning

The delta symbol is the mathematical symbol for change and represents how we challenge people to think differently in order to facilitate preparedness for crisis situations.

The eagle is present as a symbol of the inherent leadership traits the species possesses.  These traits are key components in combating the dangers faced in today’s society:

  1.       Keen vision
  2.       Fearlessness
  3.       Tenacity

The American Flag is draped around the eagle to symbolize it being cloaked with the characteristics the flag’s colors represent.

  1.       Red: Hardiness and valor
  2.       White: Purity and innocence
  3.       Blue: Vigilance, perseverance and justice